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Second Run--- Interest check for Filco group buy, ship to worldwide

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interested in white tenkeyless depending on price....


--- Quote from: LiMP;374427 ---interested in why it says you are from usa
--- End quote ---

It is true, I am in U.S.A now. I got store in U.S(co-own, selling clothing) and I living in U.S, I also have store(co-own) in China selling gaming equipment for more than 5 years. :P

Interested in Filco Majestouch-2 Ninja Black, Brown Switches.

Bahhh... any word on if or when any red switch Filco's will be available?  I would really love a TKL Linear R.

Interested in prices for:

FKBN87M/EB2 (Black w/ Brown Switches)
FKBN87ML/EB2 (Black w/ Black Switches)
FKBN104M/EB2 (Black w/ Brown Switches)
FKBN104ML/EB2 (Black w/ Black Switches)
Filco China (Pink one)

White tenkeyless with blue switches. Otaku if possible, but not a must.


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