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--- Quote from: PrinsValium on Sat, 21 July 2012, 07:03:35 ---And a favicon! Or I will lose the bookmark among all other sites without one...

--- End quote ---
I'm seeing a favicon:

I think we should have a list of admins/moderators, if users need something, they can PM one. In the meantime, I noticed that moderator names show up in blue on the users active list at the bottom of the main forum page. Admins are red, but it's so close to the default orange, that it's hard to tell the difference. (I'm using the "nostalgic theme".)

Is it possible to have a new software subforum?

For things like autohotkey, autorave, vimperator, virtual keyboards, etc…

as with all other subforum ideas, until you can show that there's enough traffic for an entire subforum dedicated to it, i would prefer that people just start threads (call it a megathread if you want) in the closest applicable forum

I would love an inline attachments feature. Unless you already have that functionality but I just don't see it?
I don't have a problem uploading my images to my own host, but it does take a little extra work to make a thumbnail etc.

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