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--- Quote from: UKKeycaps ---Skidata & Rad-Away Group-Buy Update
Thank you all for making the first Devlin keyset group-buys a success!

Before giving an update on the status of the group-buy I first would like to offer my apologies for the lack of communication over the last 3 weeks, The Christmas and New Year break was a turbulent time for the future of UKKeycaps and MechSupply and the business is now starting to recover.

Unfortunately, due to these internal pressures and external delays (Devlin & Signature Plastics) the estimated shipping date has been delayed by 6 weeks to the 21st of February. This shipping date is an estimate and is not guaranteed (such is the nature of group-buys!) and I offer my apologies for this delay.

Additionally Devlin has let me know of some issues during the manufacturer of the keycaps to the original design, unfortunately after the order was placed. The K-Series Rad-Away Planck keyset will NOT have homing bumps, according to Devlin this is due to a lack of tooling, simply meaning they do not have the mould to create these keys. The keyset will be supplied in full, however the F and J key will not have homing bumps.

Devlin have also informed me that they do not have the moulds for 2.25u and 2.75u keycaps in Q-Series, and instead these keycaps will be produced in QS-Series for the Skidata set. QS-Series is essentially Q-Series but with a slightly profiled bottom edge. Therefore this change will make only a slight visual change to the keyset and no functional change. An image of the two profiles is shown below - the QS key is on the left and in use the raised profiled edge is on the bottom of the keycap. Please note the Q-Series Skidata set WILL have homing bumps.

Taking into account these changes and the delay, if any customer would like a full refund you can reply to this email requesting so. You can also do so via the contact form on the website at anytime. Apologies again for any inconvinience.
--- End quote ---

Hi U.K. keycaps.

Will you guys ever hold another group buy for this rad away series?
I'm sure with the influx of planck sets incoming, this will be very much in demand.


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