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[MechSupply] UKKeycaps K-Series Rad-Away Keyset (Produced by Devlin)

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--- Quote from: hoq on Sun, 30 October 2016, 08:59:10 ---Good job!

Hope Devlin can provide full-sculptured spec one day, the market needs more runners.

--- End quote ---

Or at least a standard 6.25U sized spacebar, that will seriously give the big boys a run for the money.

Wish it was a full set rather than a Planck set.  I really want to support it... but I dislike my planck.

Depending on my pay, should be able to pick these up. They look nice :D

I posted my question in the Q-series thread instead of this one..

I know the Q-series is shorter and flatter than DSA caps.
How about K-series and SA? Aside from wall thickness, is there a difference b/w the two profiles?

slot demon:
And bought, thanks for doing this groupbuy.


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