Author Topic: [CMV] Best SA profile configuration is 3-2-3-3-4-3  (Read 831 times)

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[CMV] Best SA profile configuration is 3-2-3-3-4-3
« on: Sun, 06 June 2021, 21:02:19 »
I went for the PMK crap bag (which was lots of fun, except DCS, which sucked). No surprise that at least a third of it were random SA keys. After spending decade+ with Cherry, OEM, DSA, ADA, of which DSA is my absolute favorite everyday working horse, the time has come to try the glorious SA. It seems that SA is one of those that either one likes it or hates it.

I put together a classic 1-1-2-3-4-3 for a starter. First of all - the wobble on Blue Cherries was nowhere as bad as some folks describe. And the height is not that much of a gamechanger either. But OMG this R1 sculpting is something, not only it is too aggressive, but I also found that it requires a significant change of the way of how I hold my hands. Ok, R1 is out, reconfigured to 3-2-2-3-4-3. Better, but the step from 2 to 2 is quite bad, so after another change to 3-2-3-3-4-3 it finally became really comfortable to type on. BTW arrows and numpad do not need any sculpting at all, the best there is all R3.

Another thing is, that ABS SA smooth surface is too sticky. I have no idea how people tolerate it. The PBT SA is way better and despite being almost as smooth,  it does not have this sticky (yuck) feeling to them.

Third imo, SA has a very shallow dish with quite a smooth edge, it provides way less tactile feedback, than I am used to. Just because of that, I keep hitting adjacent keys.

I'll keep this combo for quite a while, and we shall see, what I think of it in a couple of months, but it is not bad after all.

I know that SA sets have been done in many configurations, but did somebody ever did 3-2-3-3-4-3 with numpad all R3?