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A Wild Afanc Appeared!


Howdy y'all!  I won't get too in depth cuz you probably don't care.  You can call me Addy, i use it/tey/ta pronouns im 29 and just dove into mechanical keyboards yesterday.  I am a huge crafter and i love to make stuff, but mechanics and electricity nervous me.  I have many hobbies which include (but are not limited to because i forget things) knitting, crochet, scalemaille, sewing, cosplay, prop building, fursuit making, plush making, inkle/tablet weaving. lucet, viking knit, nalbinding, polymer clay, resin, 3D origami, lion dancing and making, bushcraft and survival skills, paracording, homestead style crafts like cooking and tea making and building furniture out of wood.

And my hobbies list keeps growing every time my ADHD brains tumbles upon another youtube video.  I bought a used Splitogrophy keyboard to amp up my steno learning and accidently found a Switch and Click video and well here i am.

So there it is.  I really like looking at pretty keyboards and i want to start making resin keycaps but i am unfortunately a broke being with too many hobbies and a few part time jobs and i don't know if another expensive hobby is in the cards for me...But i love to learn!


I'm also into prop building, and used to do more cosplay when I was younger. That/those hobbies could make you learn all sorts of crafts, for sure.

cosplay as a beautful mechanical keyboard. two birds one stone :)


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