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[IC] Milkyway Lilith R3 doubleshot product debut

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--- Quote from: vhaarr on Tue, 21 May 2024, 14:45:13 ---
--- Quote from: MILKYWAY KEYS on Tue, 21 May 2024, 03:25:32 ---
--- Quote from: Sashemi on Tue, 21 May 2024, 01:04:32 ---Do you mean doubleshot?

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You really, really need to hire someone who can speak and write english, and who knows keyboards, to edit the original IC post.

This is very confusing.

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Already recommended and in the works:

--- Quote from: MILKYWAY KEYS on Tue, 21 May 2024, 03:23:20 ---
--- Quote from: KeebRehab on Tue, 21 May 2024, 02:29:06 ---MW, I highly recommend you hire a human English translator or English-speaking PR representative. It will help you a lot in terms of marketing and sales.

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Thanks for the suggestion, we'll get in touch with the relevant people quickly! :-X

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Corrected errors in the base where "F", "J", and "B" did not have Japanese root characters. Added R1~ reverse colors and included a 6U space.


--- Quote from: MILKYWAY KEYS on Mon, 20 May 2024, 03:25:32 ---BASE+NOVShow Image
Num KitShow Image
Norde KitShow Image
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I'm noticing some discrepancies in the kitting. Here are a few suggestions to correct them:

There's a duplicate alpha-colored (blue) R2 1.5u \|む key in the base kit. One of them should be mod-colored (white).
The 1u Backspace key should be mod-colored (white).
The 1u Shift key should be mod-colored (white).
The F13 key should be mod-colored (white).

A second R4 1u Alt key should be added for full compatibility with HHKB/Mac bottom rows (1u Alt – 1.5u Super – 7u space – 1.5u Super – 1u Alt). However, R4 1u Ctrl should stay at one copy, as it currently is.

The R1 PgDn, End keys should be moved to the numpad kit, seeing as they are only used in layouts that require a numpad (1800/CP/96-key).
Additionally, a R1 1u = key should be added to the numpad kit.

The R3 '@, #~ keys should be removed from the base kit because: 1) they're missing JP sublegends; 2) ISO-UK keys are generally not used in sets with JP sublegends.
Similarly, the whole NorDeUK kit should probably be scrapped entirely due to its general incompatibility with JP sublegends.

On the 0)わを key, the を legend is too small; it should be the same size as the わ legend below it (unlike ぁ, ぃ, ぅ, ぇ, ぉ etc., there is no small を kana).

I'm unsure what the purpose of having only 71u relegendable keys + 12u relegendable Backspace is. Could you explain?


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