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Lately ive been trying to get a hold of starcraft 2 keycaps but failed horribly (waiting on round 4)

For any one piece fans

anyone else found any other sources where there are similar keycaps like these? and where they are able to purchase such amazing keycaps!

edit* another one (any chance of getting this seperately?)

I didn't know calavera is Korean.  He posted here also.

As for the other one, I doubt if any owner of a pink Filco would be willing to sell just that key cap separately but you never know.

thats a shame..

that guy doesn't seem to be selling anymore

Yeah, I guess you saw the original thread where he got them from.  Start a thread in the Marketplace stating that you'd like to buy those keys.  Someone might sell them to you.  Good luck.

THANK YOU OP. I am currently in taiwan. will definitely buy from that chinese site for some awesome bomb ass one piece keycaps. i am currently a NOOOBIE at GH and keyboard knowledge in general. will the one piece caps fit a ducky keyboard?


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