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O rings for Cherry MX keycaps to make voice lower 40%

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I've been selling it on taobao for a long time.
could order here
rubber ones:
silicone ones:

there're 2 size of the orings, the bigger ones could not be put to the cherry keycaps, only fits the OEM keycaps.
the small ones fit both cherry and OEM keycaps.
one set would be about 110 orings inside.

here're the pics of the O rings

I typically use my keyboard when others around me are sleeping; these might be nice! How do I buy these?

send payment to      then I will send it.


I was wondering , the 3$ red small silica gel orings, i'm guessing are sold in a bag of a certain quantity, so how many?
LE: sorry missed the 110 part ..

Shiping is 8$ for US or Worldwide? If it is possible what would it cost to ship to Europe, Romania?

Thank you.


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