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[Status Update] Starry Night DSA

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Hi, this is ScrambledEggz from zFrontier, and I will be helping with zFrontierís status update posts here in this subforum.

Back in September 2017, we launched a Group Buy for Starry Night DSA dyesub keyset by Keyreative (

The initial estimated ship date was early November but Keyreative has just informed us that it will be delayed to the end of November due to the fact that they had just finished color mixing on Oct.25th and finished injecting the keys on Nov.3th. The shipping will be delayed as Starry Night is still under production and it will take some time for them to finish the dyesub.

Here are the samples from Keyreative:

Again, we apologize for the delay and I will keep you guys updated.


Nov 8th, Keyreatuve starts dye-subbing

Nov.11 Keyreative has just informed us that  the estimate shipping date will be delayed to 12/7/2017. We are very sorry for the delay and we have requested them to add several novelties as gift. We will keep you updated.

Shipping starts!

Awesome, thanks for the update!

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