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On Nov 24th. We'll give our dear customers a 30% off  among  90% of our lovely keysets. Besides the disount, there are extra gift

1:If you buy one keyset, you'll get  at least one spacebar

2:If you buy  two keysets , we'll send you another keyset. You can pick up one in 30% off  keysets section.

3:We'll send you two 30% off keysets as gift if you buy 4 keysets. That is to say . You'll get 1 keyset as you buy 2 keysets.

4:The shipping is free. No matter where you are. Here are some keysets :D ;D ;D

for more details. Please visite our official web.

Compatible with Cherry MX switches and related clone.

Made of PBT ensuring both durability and feeling.

They're designed according to ANSI.

With Dye-Sub printing process

OEM profile

The shipping is free

I'll be sending out invoices within 2 days of receiving your orders.

Want to changes your order, or have any problem. Please contact us. Or. PM me.

The shipping is free, no matter where you are.

It usally cost 15days  to send the package to your house.

Packages will sent from China to your house. 


Your absolute satisfiction is our unremitting pursuit

When i see a white legend it means you print it (no dye-sub) or you do reverse-dyesub to make legends white? 

When you make the legends black i guess is just dye-sub legends

microsoft windows:
Do you know if these are still on sale?


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