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[Engineering Prototype] BladeMaster keyboard comes here to gather ideas

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Hi, guys. I am very excited to tell you our first prototype of Drevo BladeMaster keyboard(not on the market yet). I want to gather feedbacks and ideas about this prototype to improve the next one.

On the concept stage, I have been visiting various forums everyday to add some features that you really want. Before jumping to the production stage, I definitely need more about your opinions to make the final product meet your expectations.

If you are interested, I will update the post constantly and share the product stages with you.
PS:the videos were filmed by my phone and hope you don’t mind the video quality(camera frequency flashing).

Imgur Album:

We have added the function ‘programmable feature’ to the control dial of our BladeMaster (Both Pro and TE version)
Before posting this article, We’ve already arranged some shortcuts to the control dial of BladeMaster. But we found that you want a DIY control dial so badly, so our engineer decided to add programmable function to this control dial. With this function, you can customize keys even macros.
Let me show you an instance: When you are playing PUBG, You need to press different Number keys to use bandage, soft drinks or to change weapons. It’s easy to press the wrong button and that will hugely affect your gaming experience. Now with ‘programmable feature’ function, you could program all those operations into our control dial. And you can rotate or push dial to achieve some actions like using the bandage, changing weapons to improve your efficiency.
We’ll preset specific shortcuts in our Drevo Power Console for 10+ TOP games (such as LOL, PUBG, Battle Field 1, Far Cry 5 and so on), of course, you can also customize some new shortcuts by yourself.


I saw you guys love the** kailh box switches**, We will release a Pro(wireless version) with BOX switches.

Would you mind tell me which color of Kailh BOX switches you love best?

Many of you guys want the FULL METAL VERSION We will release the full metal version on Kickstarter at the end of this month. Customized for you, but only small quantity with a high price.

This is a personal preference but i really don't like the floating design of the keyboard. But what can i say i am not a guy that's interested in RGB gaming gear.

Thanks for sharing you opinions with me. It is true, a lot of persons like the simply keyboard.

Where is TP4??

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--- Quote from: SpAmRaY on Wed, 11 April 2018, 06:02:41 ---Where is TP4??

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