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Designing a set for Devlin to produce and UKKeycaps to run?


Recent K-Series Aurora have a lot of good feedback imo. thicc, double-shot bliss, legends afaif are consistent.

Prompted me to want to get Devlin to make more sets :)

I have been playing around with this colourway:

Overseer cuz obvs Fallout inspired

Its using SA colour swatch atm but I think the Blue is similar to Aurora Raise/Lower blank keys. I bellieve the yellow is also similar to the yellow colour they have from one of the sample packs UKKeycaps sold.

What more, K-series imo could go nicely with SA R3 Out of the Vault novelties that 00zeRO offer, if people have/want them :p

Is this is a thing Joe? could we give you designs like this for consideration?  :p


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