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Hey, RJ here form Cool Cable.

I am a UK based custom USB cable maker operating under the company name Cool Cable. Not from the UK you say? No worries, I am shipping worldwide. Had cables land in over 25 countries now!! Got 4 this week on their way to Japan!

I have started up this thread in an effort to get some feedback and share some things I have on offer that are not instantly apparent.

I offer over 140 colour options, with 1000s of possible combinations, including USB C.

A small selection of colour examples here

Some examples of work

Some examples of special custom orders

Want to see some more products? Checkout my instagram for Cool Cable. Would love to get a follow while you are there

Why buy a cable from me?

Super quick turn around. No group buys, No waiting. Average dispatch time is 2 days.

Lifetime support. If your cable ever fails, I will service it or replace it.

A customised service down to the millimeter and colour code. If you can't find what you want, have a quick chat, and I will do everything I can to make it possible.

Have a look at what some of my previous customers shared.

Last thing for now. I do have a range of options not available on my website.

The reason they are not on the website is they require a personal touch.

LEMO connectors for instance that you can see above require some real TLC to make sure they come out exactly as customers want them.

With the investment involved I always want to be sure the cable in the end is 100% perfect.

So if you are interested in Macbook Pro USB C - Mini/Micro/C cables, LEMO or Micro XLR split connectors, extra fat cables, naked cables or XXXL coils, get in touch.

You can see more examples of very customised options on my instagram.

Do leave any questions you may have, I will get back to you.

Website Link :
Instant Chat on facebook :
Email : contact at


New Colours

Added 23 new colours to the roster of available sleeving choices.

USB C now free

USB C no longer costs an extra 3GBP to order, now its free along with all the other end types. Woo!

Split connector news

The new split connector options will be added this week so you no longer have to get in touch to get yourself a LEMO connector. - Website Link - Discord link for questions/requests

Feel free to  get in touch through any channels.

Hi there! I know this is probably a silly question but I just purchased the Tai-Hao unicorn tears set and I'm definitely interested in a cable. Do you think any of your colors would be a decent match for it? These look great!


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