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No customer support at zFrontier?

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Hello. Iíve been waiting quite a few months for both an ALF X2 nameplate and a missing JTK Aqua novelty from zFrontier. I tried following up a few times again this month (Via their Contact email) and it seems no one is answering any emails. Theyíre still conducting group buys, so Iím unsure if itís just them ignoring my follow ups or if they all of a sudden have a new customer support email (I have tried contacting them on Reddit as well, with no luck). Has anyone had any success contacting them lately? If so, could you kindly message me the correct email address or person of contact? Thank you.

I've tried emailing them about a GB and had a similar experience.

One thing I've heard is that since zF is a Chinese-run site, English is a second language and if a request is too verbose or difficult to translate they may not be able to decipher the request or give an appropriate response.

I've tried to reach them for a while now, with no answers on either FB or their support mail :/

Same here.  I also tried their Reddit accounts

I sent them two emails few days ago by replying the order confirmation, yet no luck so far.
Has anyone been able to contact them recently?


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