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Mechboards - Group Buy Thread


Hello all,

Active Group Buys:

GMK Screw in Stabilisers - already purchased the stock so should be with us soon -

Plaid // Ortho 12 x 4 Kit - Super cool kit with through-hole components (supplied) -

UT47.2 Hotswap Kit - Hotswap 40% staggered kit with hotswap PCB (pre-soldered) -

GMK Paperwork - 40% Keycap kit (EU proxy) -

All GMK Stabilisers have been sent - plenty extra available on the website.
Plaid/Ortho - On its way to me now
UT47.2 - All ordered with GB runner - no more news yet
GMK Paperwork - from Evan - quick update for anyone over here. GMK invoice has been paid. color match is in progress.


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