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It's been a while since my last GB here on GH! Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday break!

Our long awaited premium clicky switch is finally here! After years of development and countless rounds of prototyping, samples, and delays, what better gift is there than to release the Clickiez on Christmas day?

Clickiez™ are offered in two weights:

~40g bottom out (~73g peak force, ~32g actuation)
~75g bottom out (~95g peak force, ~58g actuation)

Clickiez™ are the world's first 3-in-1 MX switch that can transform into three different MX style switches via a non permanent mod to the leaf. These switches are fully compatible with Cherry profile keycaps when used with South facing switches (LED slot facing South, or in this case Zeal Logo facing South)

Featuring a Patent Pending multi mode click leaf design, this switch can be transformed from Clicky to Ultra High Tactile (think BKE level, but even more extreme) to super smooth Linear switch modes by simply moving the secondary switch leaf within the housing.
Clickiez™ Switch GB Price $1.30/USD ea


Pearlio™ Switch (Linear) GB Price $1.20/USD ea
UHMWPE stem w/ clear Nylon base & PC Top

Crystal™ Switch (Tactile) GB Price $1.20/USD ea
New clear Nylon for stem material like our Zeal™ stabilizers

Clickiez sound demo below. We'll work on full typing video in the New Years.

Estimated fulfillment date is mid March 2022. Pre-order will run until the switches arrive at our HQ.

Other news & updates will also be provided on our discord:

Typing sound tests:

SA Profile

Cherry Profile

Pearlio switches stock with Cherry Profile

Clickiez Reviews:

1.3 USD per switch weirdchamp

Thank you for the groundbreaking and inspiring work!

p.s. Ordered sample sets for each.


--- Quote from: nullinasou on Sun, 26 December 2021, 08:15:04 ---1.3 USD per switch weirdchamp

--- End quote ---

$1.50 per switch when the GB ends. Also you can't spring swap easily because Gateron Cap molds. Over $100 to fill a 60%. I've wanted these since the original tease but I'll have to really consider if I want to support these price trends.


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