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Post your Rubrehose keycaps!

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As the title says, I wanted to make a space for folks here -- active or otherwise -- to post their Rubrehose keycaps, artwork speaheaded by badchad who has been around in the community for quite some time now!

Some useful links below as well as some pics to kickstart the thread! :thumb:

Website -
Instagram -
Keycap Archivist Catalog -
Artisan Collector Profile -

Deadbeats BBW

Vaporwave Lucette

DCS Deadbeats / Chewie BBW

HFO Lucette (Commission)

Thanks for starting this thread Lightning! I’ve slowed down on collecting BBW’s recently but these are a few of my favorite shots featuring a couple other great makers.

Bloody Black Sheep BBW and BBP (Bloody Variant)

Appa BBW

McFlurry Acid Wolf (Solid Variant)

Thanks for creating the thread. Amazing photos. Here’s my favorite cap of all time (Sheep’s Blood) and some recent favorites.

My favorite piece of resin.

Oooh those are very nice ones -- I haven't gotten my hands on a Lucy or an Acid Wolf.

Here's another one from me - OG Lucette!


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