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Can plate-mount stabilizers be quieted?


I am assembling a silenced keyboard for someone else, and it will probably use plate-mount stabilizers.

In my experience, they can bottom-out pretty loud and hard.

The silent switches are fine, but I don't want loud stabilizers ruining the board. Is it possible to keep stabilizers quiet / from bottoming-out by using O-rings or something?

What comes to mind is lube, bandaid underneath, maybe some of them foam stab pads, I've heard of people cutting up orings and sliding a small piece under stabs.

Hmm. Yes. I figured it might come down to modifying the stabilizers.

granola bar enthusiast:
stab pads are great.

also ThockPop (very cool vendor btw they are super kind) has the dry hump mod and you can do a modified holee mod which dampens bottom out


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