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Dustsilver K84 - MelonShake🍈Matcha Latte v2 switches🍵 | Unbox + Mod + VOICE



Dustsilver K84 - MelonShake🍈Matcha Latte v2 switches🍵 | Unbox + Mod + VOICE REVEAL

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10% off, use code "UCHU" when you purchase Dustsilver products😊

Keyboard Build Details
✿ Keyboard: Dustsilver - K84 Melon Shake - 10% off, use code "UCHU"

✿ Switches: Matcha Latte v2 Linear
✿ Stabilizers: TX stabs v4, WK 6.25u, 1.6mm PCB clip-in, 2203
stem & housing: krytox 105+205, wires: XHT-BDZ lube
(I'm using the older stabs and this product link is updated stabs)

SoupKeys - 8% off (non-gb items), use "UCHU"
✿ Krytox 105+205 lube
✿ XHT-BDZ lube

✿ Poron Modular Case Foam
✿ Switchpads

✿ Screw Tray: DSA Mayora
[IC] DSA Mayora - I designed a keyset & cute merch!
If you're interested, do fill up form
Geekhack Thread (more details)

✿ Deskmat: Uchu No Pikuniku deskmat (ready2ship)

✿ Artisan Keycaps made by my lovely frewns
Rex - OkeyDokey Studio
Mito - Temo Studio

How to Adjust Side LED Strip
FN + Z = Change animation
FN +  ,  or  .  = Adjust animation speed
FN +  pgup / pgdn = Adjust brightness
FN + ~ = On/ Off all LEDs including the small indicator strip on top right

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Behind the scenes content, sketches, early access to new products, and monthly live streams. Everyone can join and leave at any time.

✿ Socials ✿
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