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My Filco Majestouch is here!!

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My Filco Majestouch arrived yesterday, 8 days after I ordered.

Here again is the picture of the parcel sitting in Tokyo less than a week ago, emailed to me by the shopping service along with the shipping notification:

And this is the parcel here in Los Angeles:

You can tell that it's the same carton, because the patch of the top paper layer that's been torn off in the Tokyo picture (upper left hand corner) is identical in shape to the patch in the lower right hand corner of the unopened parcel in Los Angeles.

The parcel opened:

No bubble wrap, no styrofoam peanuts, no packing material to speak of except for that piece of crumpled up paper at the top of the picture. But look, they gave me a wristrest too.

The box within the box:

The bottom of the box within the box:

First glimpse:

The user guide on top is in Japanese, so I have no idea if it contains info I should really know. The keyboard is covered in transparent plastic that is molded to each individual key.

User guide  and plastic cover removed:

That purplish thing in the upper left of the box, resting in its own little niche, is the USB to PS/2 adapter, in case you have a PS/2  port (I don't) and want to take full advantage of the N-key rollover feature.

Bottom label:

Yep, brown Cherry MX switches:

Nice little feature is this Velcro-like cord tie:

Ready to rumble:

Key feel? Give me  some time with it. I'll report back next week and compare with the blue Cherrys, with the white Alps, with buckling springs, with electric capacitance keys.

Whiskey in the Jar-o:
Why must you torture us so? Now I will not sleep for a week, reloading this thread every 5 minutes. You could have kept things under wraps for another week, rather than create this painful suspense.

Which commissioner did you order the keyboard from?  How much was it altogether?

Nice, can't wait to hear your thoughts on it

Excellent!  Looking forward to the review.


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