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An interesting page
« on: Tue, 20 November 2007, 20:39:43 »

An interesting page
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I've actually wondered about the role of lubrication in keyboards. I've read how people would wash the keys of their white Apple keyboards, only to have their keyboards become stiff and creaky.  I have a Cherry Cymotion membrane keyboard. The Raptor K2 keyboard is pretty much a Cymotion for gamers.  (Raptor is a Cherry subsidiary). The translation seems to be broken, but when I previously accessed it, it said that theh big difference between the K2 and the other Cymotion boards is that that K2 has a lot of grease in the dome plunger assembly, so they are much quieter and softer:
See this picture:

I've taken the keys off my Cymotion, and while the plunger feels "slick", I can't see  any kind of grease like in the picture above. I tried a silicon spray on a key in my MS Natural 4000 an it actually made it sticky and slow. So I quickly removed it. Could the stuff in the picture be whilte lithium grease? Though I wonder how safe it would be to have close to your fingers.

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An interesting page
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I don't think silicone gel is the actual grease that the IBM Soft-touch keyboards utilized.  I heard that the silicone gel wears off eventually, and the remnants could reach inside the keyboard and damage the circuit board.
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Re: An interesting page
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Quote from: nrp

Have you guys ever tried to "create" a soft touch model m?

Does anyone tried to contact Sandy from that page? The adress seems to be giving errors when i try to send email.
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