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We used to have a thread like this one. The first one was deleted by iMav... :confused: then we created another one and I guess it got lost when R00tworm happened.

There is too much hate, poor Topre keyboards!

As you can see I like to keep my keyboards simple and clean. Not a fan of unicorn vomit trend, I won't put more than one skull on a keyboard because it just looks fugly.

Realforce 91UBY (My first Topre keyboard)

Realforce 87UW

Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro JP (My favourite so far)

Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro 2

That's all my colection of Topre based keyboards. I have a 4 Click Clack skulls for them and also 2 Click Clack blank topre keys.

I also have some full sets of keycaps including red printed, blue non printed and white non printed.

rdjack21 has a great collection of Topre keyboards.

My one and only Topre "keyboard" (the pic, deal with it):

87U - Uniform 45g (for gaming):

87U - Variable Silent (for typing):

Those green keys look good.  I may have to rethink just getting the mods/wasd cluster when I get my rf.


--- Quote from: The_Beast on Mon, 25 February 2013, 20:37:31 ---My one and only Topre "keyboard" (the pic, deal with it):
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--- End quote ---

I want dat T_T


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