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Hi all,
after some unsuccessful biddings for IBM model M mini, i finally decide to give cherry a try. being a clicky fan, i bought Scorpius m10 (first mechanical keyboard here, yep), and my first impressions are quite positive. maybe a little bit soft, but after the model M, i think that it will take some time to get used to it... The problem is that the Scorpius one is not a mini keyboard, so I though that maybe brown (there is  filco 91, or 89 i hope, which is my wet dream these nights) will be my next color, but I cannot try them anywhere, so I'm asking - is there any other difference, beside the clicky sound between the brown and the blue cherries? And another one - am i right to consider that all filco keyboards use the brown ones, my japanese is not very good (neither is my english, but at least i understand/speak it to some level).

regards, alex

ops, my bad
it looks that i have got the things wrong, i like the filco, but what really makes my heart to beat is realforce 91, and it looks that they use capacitive switches, am i right? are these the same as HHKB?

Not all Filco keyboards use brown Cherry switches. Some use browns, while others use black linears and others use blue clickys. There even are two of them that use Alps switches. Use something like Google translator on the Filco Japanese page, it usually states what kind of switches the keyboard uses.

And Topre, the company that makes the Realforce, also manufactures the HHKB Pro series, and they all use capacitive switches. The Realforce 89 & 91 have the Japanese layout, so I don't know if that would work for you. I was considering buying one as well, but as an American (forgive me for that), the Japanese layout is just too different for me to get used to at home, only to switch it up to the standard US layout at work and school.

what do you mean by different layout? i thought that only those two keys near the space bar and the other one - eating some of the backspace key space (what a sentance, forgive me :)) are different, and of course the japanese letters will freak me out a bit... but i hoped that relaforces like filco, may have an US version... how does the capcitive switches feel? Still considering about the hhkb pro, probably i would have bought it, if the shipping was not another 40-50 bucks to europe (i feel bad). and i'm a little afraid, because i'm a heavy vim user, and if you have ever started vim - you would know that this editor is not for every keyboard (i'm afraid of the missing arrows, fn+something doesn't sound very usable).

i tried my best to translate some of the pages with filco keyboards, but some of the text just don't make any sense to me (i guess google has to hire more japanese linguists to improve some more). mini filco with alps sounds nice to me, i guess that i'll have to continue my research...

what about the tactile feel difference between the blue and brown cherries?


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