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I've been thinking about buying a HHKB. So I took a look at the BeNippon website. But the prices seem significantly higher than what I remember from a couple of months ago. The black HHKB Pro 2 costs almost USD$290!

Have they raised the prices or is this just a result of exchange rate fluctuations?

They've been slowly raising the price for a while now. The American Dollar is in really rough shape right now, so I suspect that is the reasoning.

Watch other items on the site, it appears to be across the board. Between the time I desided to buy the Filco and the time I actually ordered it, it went up $2.

I think the prices are automatically adjusted by computer according to the exchange rate.  So if the dollar ever does increase in value in the near future, then I'll consider buying a HHKP2.  Currently, I have my eyes set on a Realforce (gotta sell off some the keyboards that I'm not even using).

I ended up ordering a HHKB Pro 2 via the shopping service Crescent Shop.

The price was $237.53 USD plus shipping. Quite a bit cheaper than BeNippon!

I just checked the BeNippon site again. The price of the black HHKB Pro 2 has come back down, it's now just below $260 USD, in line with the other colours. I suspect there's more going on here than just exchange rate fluctuations...

The shipping on the Filco was $37


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