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--- Quote from: zillidot;2797 ---I ended up ordering a HHKB Pro 2 via the shopping service Crescent Shop.

The price was $237.53 USD plus shipping. Quite a bit cheaper than BeNippon!

--- End quote ---

Thank you for this site! I bought one two - black with black letters (not enough confidence for the no letters one, IŽll have to get used to the layout after all). The price which I got was $241.73, I guess that the US dollar has had a tough day :) I hope that the keyboard really rocks. I have to admit that I would not have bought if it were not for you  guys, so many positive reviews, all geekhack typists canŽt be wrong :) Now the waiting begins, argh!



--- Quote from: sashomasho;2823 ---I hope that the keyboard really rocks.
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Don't worry, it does.


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