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Buying old IBM model M's on e-bay


Anyone care to share their experiences with buying old IBM model M keyboards on e-bay.

I am currently looking at some spacesavers on e-bay and would really like to score one. The seller is some recycler and is somewhat ambiguous. Understandably, they seem to move "tons" of old computer gear. I understand that the boards are old, and don't expect them to be pristine. I just want to make sure that all the keys work before I let go of 60 bucks plus shipping. Can anyone share their thoughts? I have 12 hours left before the bid closes : )

Check this thread for one of my recent experiences purchasing Model M spacesavers on Ebay.

thanks for the followup. I went to the link you sent. Not sure if I want to take the board apart though, lol, that could get ugly for me.
I am thinking I will pass on e-bay. I imagine I could get lucky, but more likely end up with a sub-optimal board....

Hopefully, clickeyboards will get some spacesavers soon. It looks like they do a good job of refurbishing them.

btw, I saw your post about unicomp coming out with a clicky mighty mouse, that would be excellent. Heres hoping....


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