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Need help: non clicky, silent keyboard

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The company I work for is changing everything. No more offices, no more closed doors, open spaces are now the norm.

In this environment, my old, reliable and great IBM Model M has become a problem. Everyone is complaining and I respect that.

So now I need to find a good silent keyboard, non clicky, to buy.

I'm considering getting the Filco as I understand it's not click or noisy. But since I know you guys are the keyboards experts, I'd like to rely on your suggestions.

Any hint would be really appreciated.



My company has been that way for years, so this has always been a concern of mine. I don't leave keyboards there because of what I pay for them, so I take them back and forth.

The main keyboard I use at work is the HHKB Pro 2. As far as typing goes, it is the ninja, the silent assassin of keyboards and it works as good in Windows as it does in Mac and Linux. Plus it is the quietest keyboard I own.

I also take the Filco with browns there. This keyboard is louder, so I get some looks, but never anything too terrible.

This is handy because these are the normal keyboards in my rotation and thay are both really nice.

The Cherry ML4100 is another quiet mechanical that I like, but I don't own one right now. When I did own one, I just left it at work because it was cheap, then I broke the plug. Oh well. The reason I haven't replaced it is because the HHKB is so easy to take to work.

So there you have it, my recommendations. Now, I don't know what type of office you work in, and at work I am surrounded on all sides by professional writers so typing is easily forgiven, but I think any of these keyboards would work for you.

I agree that the HHKB Pro would be a good alternative.  As long as you can adjust to the key layout, you'll be quite pleased.  

Although it looks minimalistic, the keys are full-sized and I never feel like I've been shorted at all...the possible exception being the missing arrow keys.  The Fn- arrow key assignments are easy to use, but if you are using an application (I notice it really only on arrow-intensive games in the GeekHack arcade) that requires a lot of exclusive arrow key input, you'll want to try something else.

Thanks folks.

I saw that short clip on YouTube with the guy using a HHKB (have you seen it?) and I got the feeling it was clicky. How wrong I was based on what you're telling me.

Anyway, do you know what bothers me a little? This keyboard is not cheap and I would feel uncomfortable leaving it in my desk. I'd have to take it back and forth and I'm not sure I'd enjoy this after a few days.

Anyway, the HHKB in now on mylist together with the Filco. Thanks.

Should I include something else in my list? Do you know any scissor type keyboard that is worth trying?


Both me and iMav carry our HHKB Pro 2s back and forth to work. I don't mind at all, in fact, I am more worried about leaving it in the car in transit than taking it to work. Most of the people at work think I'm dumb for having such a small keyboard, and they know I'm pretty attached to it, and even less know how much it costs. None of those people would steal it, but that doesn't make me any more quick to leave it anywhere.


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