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how to compose a message to the leader of a gb you have joined

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--- Quote from: SpAmRaY on Thu, 02 April 2015, 08:34:39 ---I think most people always think of the large group buy organizers as businesses when they are just community members helping community members.

Thanks for all you guys do.

--- End quote ---

Exactly this. I don't think people understand that [CTRL]ALT is not a business AT ALL. It's a group of friends who do stuff for the community for NO PROFIT.

And in most cases: Use the quote feature.


--- Quote from: baldgye on Thu, 02 April 2015, 08:28:45 ---this should be sticked in the gb section

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This is actually really helpful, as sometimes it is difficult to find the right wording so you don't sound like an ass, but you still want the message to be short and to the point.

Hey Bunny -

Any update?


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