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Hello, I'm Helmut! I'm an electrical engineering graduate from Georgia Tech.

I designed and manufactured the Rex60 multi-layout PCB. 
I am in the process of prototyping the Koneko40.
I also designed and manufactured a diode-less PCB for the Georgia tech Mechanical Keyboard Club.
Design Options and Capabilities

* Any USB connector
* Any switch footprint
* Rotary encoders (i.e. knobs)
* Any layout, including Alice/Arisu, ortho, etc.
* On-board microcontroller design
* Integration of existing microcontroller board (i.e. Pro-Micro, Bluepill, QT Py, nice!nano)
* Split keyboard layouts
* Design to fit existing cases
* RGB & single color underglow
* Per-key RGB & single color lighting
* Vial-QMK integration
* ZMK integration
Contact Me
Please fill out the form below with your design request.

PCB Design Request Form

I am also available on Discord and via email at

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