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The great chip shortage 2021 (End of may update it's getting worse)

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Last time, I said expect it will actually be 4-5 years rather than the year/year and a half and that they're just trying to be optimistic, those fears are coming to fruition.

The latest projection comes from TV manufacturers and Sony. Sony says Playstation shortages will continue well into 2022 and that certain components have gone up anywhere from 300% to 1400%. TV manufacturers have said to expect a 30% rise in prices as well for the foreseeable future, monitors too most likely. For TVs you can take this to mean they will stay high until the Superbowl AFTER the shortage actually ends as the Superbowl is the driving factor on TV sales. If it ends march 2022, TV prices will not really settle until early 2023.

It's not all doom and gloom though, oh wait, yes it is.
Ford and Tesla have TENS OF THOUSANDS of vehicles (each) sitting around waiting on processors. Ford of course thought this was a great time to unveil and start taking pre-orders for a new electric vehicle which uses even more processors, the new electric F150... They got 45k pre-orders in 48 hours. Auto makers are expecting to lose $110 BILLION in sales this year over this. No way this ends in a single year when they are behind by 50%.

In GPU news...
If you're looking for a used GPU good luck, used GPU market is up nearly 15% compared to a few weeks ago on older better quality high end cards. Better 1070's have been pushed into 1080 territory, with EVGA models hitting $600+, squeezing 1070 TI and 1080's right up into each other with only $50 separating all 3 in many cases. Lest you think this is miners driving prices, the 8gig RX 470-580, the mining card of choice for many, has actually been pretty stable on price, hovering around $500. If you go looking for a card shop up a model or two, you may find it's not that much more to get a better card than you expected. Also, if you're desperate for a card and not wanting to pay through the nose, check out the older 980 models, they're reasonable (by comparison) and still do well on 1080 gaming (a 980 is close to a 1070 in performance).

If you do decide to buy a new PC to scavenge a GPU you also need to beware now.
Apparently some pre-builts are pulling a Chinese trick and using re-manufactured last gen GPUS, as if that wasn't bad enough, then if you upgrade to a newer GPU they are not deducting the price of the one removed so you effectively are paying for two GPUs. Other companies are also downgrading other items when you select an upgrade, such as switching from a nice cooler to a stock cooler because you went to a nicer cpu, and again, not deducting that. And then we have Dell, who has gone back to their ways of proprietary case, mobo, psu, ram and coolers, but wait, there's more! They have also buried on their page a pre-selected warranty upgrade that charges you $10 a month, a warranty that is supposed to be included. They are nice enough to give you the first month free so you don't notice the charge right away. There is a special place in hell for these people.

If you do decide to buy new, make sure to check every option, then check it again and one last time before hitting purchase. Make sure you are not being double charged on the GPU, all of the parts are what you selected and make sure the GPU you select is actually not just a model or brand but a specific, new model. Saying it's an Asus 3070 can mean not just any 3070 but a cut rate special oem model, at least one is shipping a mini 3070 with a blower, that thing is going to thermal throttle all over the place. They wouldn't dare try selling this on it's own but right now GPU shortages are so bad that companies are not even trying, they know you're going to buy regardless and you will take it because what choice do you have. So not only watch who you buy from but also take notes not to buy from these shady f*cks ever again.*

*Stay in I.T. long enough and you'll come to hate all of them for the things they do.

Another stimulus just went out in the U.S. and two more monthly ones may be coming.

Grim news indeed.
I had also been optimistic. Not so much for me, but for my friends who are trying to upgrade and build a new rig.
The price hikes are to be expected I think, but for GPUs that is going to mean an insane price for those at the moment.

Crypto crash 🤞


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Buy in the dip.

This won't last.


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--- Quote from: Signature on Sun, 23 May 2021, 15:43:48 ---Crypto crash 🤞

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Buy in the dip.

This won't last.

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LLann, Diamond hand ?


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