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i have problems twice. and they did send me replacements for both.

while i think their support is good, their QC is clearly having problem.

I've also had repeat-key issues with a low-force Ergo Pro, but I'm not entirely convinced that my issue is mechanical. On mine the key stays 'pressed' indefinitely, until I press either the key again _or another key_. So the problem might be the controller not sending the keyup signal until another key is pressed. Very annoying.

I'm waiting on a replacement board, which Matias support has assured me should ship in December. They stress that this is an improved board and that they "are being extra vigilant with this production run" so for what that's worth, we might be able to expect an improvement in quality. They're also very generously providing me with standard-force switches, as I'm rather unhappy with these low-force switches. Though I prefer ~30 gram switches (even Cherry Reds are a bit stiff for me) everything else about the low-force switch I dislike.

Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but it's relevant.  Flash forward about 1.5 years.  Just got a brand new low force Mac Ergo Pro and it has QC issues.  Very sad to see because I really do love the layout of the boards ... but whoever is doing their manufacturing just seems to drop the ball on them constantly.

That said CS is very good about replacing things while you're under warranty.  But for the price of the boards you are basically getting yourself something that has proven to fail within a year or two for me every single time.  And that's been with more than the Ergo Pro boards.  It's a shame really.  I've never had a single switch failure with a Matias board to date (and I've had about 6 of them now), but every single one of them has failed for some other reason and I don't think any of them lasted > 2 years.

I've been having a problem with the loose Matias switches, the tolerances of the stems and/or housings are too tight. It isn't apparent when trying loose switches, but when I put on Tai-Hao keycaps around 5 out of 100 binded very badly or wouldn't even return at all. Oddly enough I had previously refitted another AT101 with Tai-Hao caps and Matias switches with no issues, from the same 200 pack.


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