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Matias Ergo Pro vertical on its own

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Since then I changed the left side to a 1/4" 3/8" spigot (like the Impact SRP-109) for light weight and added a "Triopo Short Column 24mm for MT-128 and GT-128 tripods" to the right because I found it was not wide enough otherwise and this what I found for cheap. Now it is. I might ditch the QR plate for a simple converter screw.


I wonder if you could build a similar contraption of a rigid rod with ball joints + mounts on each end, and get the keyboard to stay at a different tent angle. Would take differently positioned gripper feet.

Omitting ball joints was an important part on my side. I have no desire of a tenting keyboard and I felt ball joints would make it less stable.

Hi chx, I wanted to tell you this project actually inspired me to try to do the same with my Matias Ergo Pro. Just curious - how is the typing experience on the vertical keyboard so far?

I have been using a vertical keyboard , a Kinesis Freestyle + Ascent since 2009. I love the experience, the Matias is even better, of course.


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