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MEGA Calculator Thread!(post pics of your calculators)

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Let us post pics of our calculators! Does not matter the size or shape, as long as it's a calculator. i havehad numerous ones, but here's my favorite:

What's yours?

Don't have any pictures but I have quite a few calculators...

In order of Preference:
1) Ti-89 Titanium <- Can literally do anything I need it too and more
2) TI-83 Plus
3) Ti-36X Pro <- My most used calculator as we had to use FE approved calculators in most of my classes and this was the most powerful one that was approved.
4) Ti-30XIIS
5) Ti-30XS
6) HP 39gs <- Never used as it can actually communicate with other 39gs's so you can actually cheat if someone else had one near you(which is convenient if no one knows lol)

This should be good :cool:

Behold.. The Might of Casio VFD ..

(vacuum florescent display) true-black, Infinity:1 Contrast Ratio, HDR

weeb-approved technology


mine's bigger


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