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It's been nearly 3 years since I started the first interest check for DSA Miami Dolch, and I think it's time we see it again. This set has been requested on Massdrop nearly 2,400 times, so it's back with improved and updated kits, as well as some new ones not available in the first round. Let me know what you think! ;D


ROUND 1 User Gallery:
Credit: u/misogenki (Reddit)

Credit: u/misogenki (Reddit)

Credit: u/misogenki (Reddit)

Credit: u/cijanzen (Reddit)

Credit: u/cijanzen (Reddit)

Credit: MiTo/Massdrop
Credit: dixiemech (Instagram)

DSA Miami Dolch Kits:

Base Kit

TKL Mod Kit

60% Mod Kit

Whitefox, 65%, 75% Mod Kit

Tsangan/Colemak Kit

Numpad Kit

UK Kit

Alt ISO Kit

International Kit

Ergodox Kit

Ortho Kit

Bonus Kit (The arrows will be the same size as the first round, they just rendered tiny)

Miami - Accent Kit

Vice - Accent Kit

Base - Vice - Miami Novelty Kits

Homing Kit

Blanks Kit

Spacebar Kits (Same as original drop)


MoreDSA Anti Depths
The original colorway for the DSA Miami Dolch Alphas, match the colorway of the Calm Depths Mods. With these kits you will be able to take your alphas from R1 (or a new Base Kit from R2) and create a new set I'm calling Anti Depths (essentially the reverse of Calm Depths). I'm trying to keep as few kits as possible for the conversion, but let me know if I'm missing keys from commonly used layouts and I will see how to fit them in. Let me know what you think!!

Anti Depths Kit

Anti-dox Kit

The Little Ortho Anti Kit

Anti UK Kit


MoreDSA Miami Dolch:

60% Layouts

Ergodox Layout

Fullsize Layout

Ortho Layouts

DSA Anti Depths:

60% Layout

Fullsize Layout


I'm fine with it. Are you plaining to offer a 40 kit; sorry, but don't know much on rd 1.
Edit: disregard, look at kits & those options are enough for a 40

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I have R1 and I'm totally down for the anti-depths, very nicely done.

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Nice to see you back! You know how I felt about this the first go around, still one of my very favourites 40+ sets later.

I have a pretty out there suggestion - GMK? :blank: I know it's highly unlikely considering the amount of interest generated for this specific version on MD already and whatnot, but hey, maybe something to consider for round 3 in... 2022?

I have most of R1 but want to fill out some space key options. Would it be possible to change things up a bit and maybe do a spacekeys kit with 1.75, 2, 2.25, and 2.75 in the three colours?

Also the anti-depths is an interesting idea!

Edit: also, thanks for the feature in your IC. DSA Miami Dolch is one of my faves!


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