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[GB] KAT Space Cadet - Shipping July 2021

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KATSpace Cadetformerly Smol CadetA 40s Discord Community Project
by tominabox1 and Alas
Live NOW! Shipping in Fall 2020 Shipping in 2021 Q2 Probably?

Vendor InfoNA:
AU/Oceania: .

Matching cables available at

DetailsThe keyset will be in the KAT profile by Keyreative. KAT keycaps are PBT plastic, sculpted for comfort and, feature sharp, reverse dyesub legends.  The KAT Space Cadet colors will be color matched to an original Space Cadet keyboard.

The original concept of this set was to create a 40s only kit that would serve our weird-ass idea of a usable keyboard, but we quickly saw the opportunity to bring the amazing Space Cadet concept to a wider audience. Our kits are inspired by the KAT sets that have come before it, emphasizing a wide gamut of coverage, something Keyreative's KAT profile provides at an affordable price. We hope that you find exactly what you need in our kitting and can put together the best coverage you've ever had in a keyset in the lowest possible cost. 
Space Cadet for Everyone.The KitsMoreGray Alphas

Blue Alphas

Mono Legends

40s Mods

Ortho Mods

60%+ Mods



Accents NEW

Black Mods


Colemak, Mod DH/DHm


Ergo Blanks

Ergo Legends


French ISO

North ISO

South ISO

Matching cables will be available from during the buy!
KITPRICE (USD)Gray Alphas$29Blue Alphas$29Mono Legends$2940s Mods$44Ortho Mods$2660s+ Mods$59Spacebars$32Novelties$30Accents$23Black Mods$38Numpad$19Colemak$35Dvorak$29Ergo Blanks$36Ergo Legends$49UK ISO$12French ISO$25North ISO $31South ISO $29Hyper7$98Renders by Manzel

Stay tuned here for the latest info!

What can I do to help?Wear your "KAT Space Cadet" tag on your discord servers and spread the good news!

Were extending to May 9 to cover the Hyper7 Group Buy at!

Current Status 6 May (Thanks dvorcol!)

20 April: We've updated the kit renders and made some changes to the Ergo kit based on feedback received. Also updated the legend cases on the North ISO kit.


No fonnd the GB page in zfrontier :-[

I don't see the sale page on any website.


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