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[GB] KAT Space Cadet - Delivering to US customers

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--- Quote from: DwieDave on Tue, 12 October 2021, 05:00:06 ---What ETA did the Email mention?

--- End quote ---

On Sep 27
> The Space Cadets have arrived. They're in a port nearby that is, these astronauts are taking the scenic route through customs at the moment. Hopefully ready to ship in early October!

There are still big hangups at ports, and even after that there can be delays getting things from ships to warehouses. So early October might have been a tad bit optimistic, but I still think it should be happening soon.

Also, I don't think pre-orders and gb orders will ship separately, they are all coming in together.

Just got an address confirmation email from MKUltra. Seems like it will be shipping in the next week or two.

IT IS SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought this day would never come.

I've also confirmed my address and got the response that my order is marked and "ready to go" so shipping real soon, hopefully !

Didn't get any tracking email, but the package showed up today. Only opened alpha (dark) kit so far and the caps look pretty good.


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