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[IC] KAM Sewing Tin 🍪 GB live!

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group buy thread now live!

A tin of butter cookies! You lift the lid, but there are no cookies to be found: only pins, needles, and thread...

IC Form


Update (October 25th): Pricing!

Base kits are only $79 USD!

Also added new renders on the Absinthe, as well as previews of the THOK and Cookie Cables collabs and artisan box pricing.
See latest post for image with keycap samples!


KAM Sewing Tin is a novelty-heavy keycap set inspired by cookie tins filled with sewing supplies.
Iím a big fan of butter cookies (the swirly ones are the best), and I also love to sew.

The original idea I had was a sewing-themed set with all sorts of sewing tools. When thinking about the
colour scheme, I remembered the classic blue Danish butter cookie tin, and decided to combine the themes.

This is my first keyset design, I'm really excited to share it with you all and to refine it with your feedback!

GB will run from November 9th to December 9th!

Profile: KAM
Material: Dye-sublimated PBT with matte finish
Manufacturer: Keyreative


US: Vala Supply
CA: Ashkeebs
CN: zFrontier
UK: proto[Typist]
OCE: SwitchKeys
SEA: Zion Studios


J-02 by ProtoTypist
Mixed base kit, Cookie Parade deskmat

Absinthe by /u/velvetjaguar and /u/reggatronics
Alphas + TKL text mods (note: fj should be homing)

Fuji65 by CMM.Studio
Novelty base kit, Alternate numrow kit, Yellow accents kit

Planck and Preonic by OLKB
Planck: Alphas + Ortho + Yellow accents
Preonic: Alphas + Ortho

Rama Works U80-A
Mixed base kit (note: fj should be homing)


Alphas + Ergo (note: fj should be homing)

Cypher by Cable Car Designs
Alphas + TKL novelty mods + Numpad + ISO

Maja by Vulcan
Novelty base kit + Spacebars

MiniVan by Trash Man (Case by The Royal)
Alphas, 40s

MoreBepovan by Taylor (KnoblesseOblige) from Aeternus Company
Alphas, 40s, Yellow accents

Portico by TKC
Alphas, TKL mixed mods, Alternate numrow, Sewing Tools - Deep Blue deskmat

Austin by driftingbunnies
Alphas + TKL text mods + Numpad (note: fj should be homing)

Nemui by Bachoo
Alphas + TKL novelty mods + alternate numrow kit (note: fj should be homing)

Absinthe, U80-A, ErgoDox, Austin and Nemui renders by Ltafuri
Other renders by me using Keyboard Render Kit


I wanted to provide both flexible kitting options (mods + alphas) and simple base kit options, plus
add-ons that can be combined with either.

Please let me know any comments, feedback or requests about kitting either here or in the IC form!

You can view all kits as an imgur album here.

Base kits - mixed and novelty
All-in-one kits that provide support for common TKL, 75%, 65% and 60% layouts.

Click "more" to see the rest of the kits!

MoreAlphas, Alternate numrow, and Colevrak

TKL mods - text, mixed, and novelty
With alphas, supports TKL, 75%, 65%, 60% and HHKB. Includes alpha-coloured spacebars, F13 and stepped capslock cookie.

Spacebars, Numpad, and ISO
Combine with either a base kit or alphas + mods. Spacebars contains a 2nd B for Alice boards.

NorDe and Yellow Accents (Added September 17th)
NorDe kit created using this guide by Miguel Farah, thank you for the resource!
Yellow accent kit contains spacebars in common sizes plus accent arrow keys. 2c/2.25c/2.75c can be used for Alice bars plus 40s, double 2c is for ergo/ortho, double 2.25c for Whimsy, and double 1.5c is for split ortho boards.

Ergo, Ortho, and 40s
When combined with alphas or a base kit:
- the ergo kit supports Ergodox, Boardwalk, Sol
- the ortho kit supports Moonlander, Planck, Preonic, Lily58, Iris, Sofle, Corne, Ergodash
- the 40s kit supports Minivan, JD40, JD45, UT47.2, prime_e, dimple, whimsy

Note: These kits only have a novelty variant right now, as the gradient means text mods are a lot less flexible,
despite the uniform profile. Let me know if you'd like to see text mods variants for these kits!

Cookies and Buttons
For a macropad, macro column, or to just to have more of them! Also, cookie coloured versions 🍪



To make it easier to visualise the different options and work out what kits you need, I made the Tailor:
an interactive website that lets you explore how Sewing Tin can look on different keyboards.

You can try it out here:

Colours and Samples

The set has a blue gradient to reflect the shininess of the tin. The numrow is cookie-coloured
as a fun way to incorporate and highlight the cookie colour against the vertical gradient.

Note: the colours are not an exact match to the tin. Because of the shininess, the tin looks
very different depending on the lighting and environment and has a vibrancy that canít be captured
in matte plastic.

See below for a photo from Keyreative of the samples. Am holding off on assessing the colours until
I receive the samples in person (being shipped to me now) - will post more photos then!


Pantone chips and KAT Alpha keycap (Keyreative stock white)
Please ignore how the pins are pushed in to the pincushion.


Design 1 - Cookie Parade (rendered with J-02 by ProtoTypist)
I had the idea for this deskmat really early on while designing this set - cookies walking together,
the swirly cookie leading the way with a needle as a flag, with cute expressions and poses! I tried
to give each cookie their own personality and mood (hang in there pretzel ;___; ).

This deskmat will be available in both 900x400mm as well as a smaller 600x350mm size.

Design 2 - Sewing Tools
Since the Cookie Parade deskmat is mostly plain, for the second deskmat I wanted to design a tiling
pattern, and capture the other main theme of the set, sewing. Will be available in 900x400mm
size in both yellow and blue!

Artisan Box

I've designed a "Sewing Tin" artisan box to match the set, you can see pictures of the prototypes below!
It has a 3D printed body and engraved acrylic lid.

We are partnering with P3D Store to produce these boxes - they will be available for purchase as part of a small
group buy running at the same time as the keyset group buy. You'll be able to select from all of P3D Store's in-stock filament
and acrylic colours. The box will be available in 2 sizes (12 slot and 21 slot) and 3 maximum artisan heights (17mm, 21mm, 30mm).

Thanks Jake from P3D Store for making these samples, and anEmptyJarOfNutella for the original suggestion!

More photos here.

I also previously designed a fully 3D printed version of the box. This will not be available for purchase, but I plan to
make the files available for personal use for those who join the keyset group buy. Details TBD!


I'm super excited to be partnering with these awesome makers on Sewing Tin themed cables and artisans!

Cable Collaboration: Cookie Cables are making matching USB and TRRS cables in tin blue and cookie yellow!

Artisan Collaborations:
- Bowbie Keycaps
- Crafted By Annie
- Cantoclicks
- klaykaps
- meof caps
- Miroticaps
- Myth Caps
- n.Na works
- okeydokey studio
- shirouu.kaps

You can see some little doodles introducing each collaboration here!

THOK Encoder Knobs

THOK has created these "button" encoder knobs to match Sewing Tin!
Available in Mellow Yellow (powder coated yellow brass matched to the set) and Brass Gold (clear coated natural brass), combined MOQ 100. Pricing TBD.

I had a lot of help getting Sewing Tin to this point! Huge thank yous to:

- the lovely Keycraft Collective community for the support, and for giving this set a space to grow:
  there's too many amazing people to name everyone, special thanks to Rosie, Andromache, pwade,
  pluma, and Therese for the help and advice
- Ltafuri for the sweet sweet U80-A, ErgoDox, Nemui and Austin renders
- minimoonbun for the super cute banner and favicon, advice, proofreading, and help acquiring sample keycaps :P
- DrHigsby for all the help with the 40s kit
- ImperfectLink and Keyboard Render Kit for the fantastic rendering kit
- acitrin, Mirubere, NoPunIn10Did, matt, hali, and honorless for the kitting advice


Discord: minicat#0836

I'll regularly post updates in this thread, my Instagram, and the #kam-sewing-tin channel in the Keycraft Collective Discord.


Support Sewing Tin with this signature banner by minimoonbun!

--- Code: ---[url=][img width=280 height=120][/img][/url]
--- End code ---

You can update your signature here - I appreciate the support!

IC Form

Thank you for reading this far! Please consider filling out the IC form and letting me know
your feedback, Iíll be reading each response carefully!


- Samples complete, being shipped to me!
- Tweaked spacing of 6^ key in kit images and renders by me
2021/10/31 - Updated THOK knob images to newer versions
- Added previews of Cookie Cables collab
- Added pricing information for Sewing Tin artisan box
- Added render of 600x450mm Cookie Parade deskmat
- Added yellow accents to the Tailor
- Received initial photo of samples from Keyreative!
- Added pricing
- Added information about available deskmat sizes
- Added previews of THOK encoder knob
- Added renders of the Absinthe by /u/velvetjaguar and u/reggatronics, renders by ltafuri
- Kitting updates:
    - Added additional keys to NorDe kit (ISO enters, 1.25u shift, <>, 2") so that you no longer need to purchase the ISO kit alongside it
    - Added 2nd 2c spacebar in blue and white to Ortho kit
- Kits have been submitted to Keyreative for quotes
- Added details about artisan box GB
- Added new renders on the Fuji65 by CMM.Studio, Planck and Preonic by OLKB, and Bepovan by KnoblesseOblige/Aeternus Company
- Updated Austin renders to use new legends
- Kitting updates:
    - Added yellow accents kit
    - Added NorDe kit
    - Added scooped homing keys
        - Changed non-homing fj in base kits and alphas kits to scooped (they now have both scooped and barred homing fj)
        - Changed non-homing 5 in numpad kit to scooped
        - Added scooped homing hunta and non-homing fj to Colevrak kit
    - Added second 2.25u shift and 2u shift to TKL mod kits
    - Updated some text legends in the TKL text mods kit to shorter versions (ins, del, up, down, pause → break) and tweaked kerning on home and scroll
    - Rotated pin on TKL novelty mods and novelty base kit
2021/09/09 - Added more artisan collaborations
2021/08/30 - GB dates announced (November 9th - December 9th)
2021/08/18 - Added details about artisan box
2021/07/20 - Removed The Ave renders
2021/07/14 - Added renders of the Portico by TKC, MiniVan by Trash Man and The Ave by The Royal
2021/07/08 - Announced vendors and collaborations
2021/07/05 - Ů added to ISO kit
- Added deskmat designs - "Cookie Parade" and "Sewing Tools" (yellow, deep blue and blue-grey versions)
- Added renders of the J-02 by ProtoTypist with the Cookie Parade deskmat
- Added new renders of the Cypher by Cable Car Designs and the Maja by Vulcan
- Minor kitting updates:
    - 2nd B removed from alphas, added to spacebars kit
    - Blue 6.25u spacebar added to alphas, removed from TKL mods and 40s kits
    - Ergo kit: added support for Boardwalk and Sol (previously Ergodox only kit)
    - Ortho kit: 2 x 1.5c blue spacebars added
    - 40s kit: Second 2.25c spacebar in blue and white added for Whimsy, yellow accent backspaces in 1.5u and 1.75u added
    - Alternate numrow kit: Added dark blue backspaces
    - Numpad kit: Added dark blue numrow keys
- Brown legend colour in kit images slightly tweaked for accuracy
- Added Alice to the Tailor
2021/05/20 - Fixed mistake in novelty base kit & novelty TKL mods (1.25u right shift -> 1.75u)
2021/05/19 - IC posted


- Update kitting based on feedback
- Finish deskmat designs
- More novelty designs (more types of stitches, and novelty spacebars) - no longer planned
- Reach out to potential collaborators for artisans / cables
- Get colour-matched keycap samples made (in progress)
- Reach out to vendors

yooo this is in IC now? I love this set so much, great execution of a cute theme!

The theme brings me so much nostalgia, and the execution in the color arrangement and novelties is so good. Excited about KAM profile as well! <3

Absolutely love this. The novelties are wonderful and the website is really thoughtful


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