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[IC] Project Affogato Wrist Rest (Wood & Alu) Updated 11 Aug.

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Hey everyone, this is KeepCalm27. People have been seeing a lot of keyboards and keycaps interest check, but today I will present to you something equally important, the Wrist Rest.
For the first round, it will be only available for 65% size (315.5mm Length).

IC Form:
Thank you for your patient to fill it out. Every suggestion means a lot.

Update September 14, 2021
All Manufacturing was finished on August 27, and was sent to vendors. EU vendor is Oblotzky. Still need some time for vendors to QC all units themselves.
Another new panel material is decided, which is forged carbon fiber. And leather panel is waiting for prototypes. I will post some photos of forged carbon fiber panel by the end of this month.

Update August 10, 2021
Prototype II works well and also looks well. I finally choose Equalz as my alu part manu, they get pretty good quality control.

All the cushion layers are silicone now, which is easy to install.

Some people ask me about the magnetic connection. Actually it makes changing the top panel of wrist rest easier, which means the top panel is not glued onto the alu base. I tested several magnet combinations and finally makes sure when the panel is lifted, the base won't be lifted together, and when holding the wrist rest upside down, the panel won't drop. There will be other panels availble in the future. I have already ordered some forged carbon fiber panels from several suppliers.

Here are some photos of the second prototype.
Original Walnut, this panel isn't the final version, which is made by hand & CNC. It will be more accurate in the mass production.

With some wax (You can apply some was if you want)

Base and top panel

Magnetic connection

With Percent Canoe Gen2 (this board is a little bit wider than normal 65% keyboards)

Packaging was designed, and sample was made and still on the way to my house.

Update August 2, 2021
Just got my alu part of prototype II, new manu is better than previous one. Soon I will post some new photos of it.
Wood part of prototype II is not reaching my standard, so it needs a few more days to re-make.

8-degree angle
Aluminum base & wood top panel
Magnetic connection with Silicone cushioning layer
Silicone protection layer between wrist rest & keyboard


Prototype I Photos:

Front height: 4mm, Rear height 16mm (Lower profile makes typing more comfortable)
Length: 315.5mm, which perfectly matches 65% keyboards, eg: Keycult No.2/65, Aurora Input Series 65, etc.
Width: 85mm

R1 will be limited to Black Anode / Dark Walnut.

Asia: iLumkb
EU: Oblotzky Industires

Pricing and In-stock Quantity:
Price: to be determined
In-stock Quantity: 160 Units for R1 (R2 depends on the demand)

Get prototype I (without magnetic connection, tested)
Get prototype II (with magnetic connection)
Design the outer packaging (Probably carton with EVA)
Finalize selling details (In-stock quantity, colors, pricing)

Reserved ;D

冷静哥 YYDS, i want this ASAP


I'm really interested if there's a 96%/1800 size, white color and lighter wood like maple/pine, etc


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