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New Lenovo ergo keyboard and mouse

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I came across a mention that Lenovo is planning to sell a line of wireless peripherals, including a  ergo keyboard, and a vertical mouse.

The keyboard is kind'a mainstream Microsoft-like, except that:
- The rows are straight, not curved like recent keyboards from Microsoft or Logitech, with an aggressive opening angle of 13 (which is the max angle on most competitor's keyboards with curved rows. I think Alice variants with straight rows have 10)
- The tenting angle is also relatively high at 11. Microsoft's keyboard often have around 8.
- It seems to have the same type of keys as Thinkpad laptops (but we'll see once reviews are in)
- Detachable foot for 4 negative tilt.

The vertical mouse looks kinda conventional also, for a vertical mouse. Both have parts of cork which isn't going to fly with everyone.

Unfortunately, they use USB-A receivers and there is no support for Bluetooth, which is really behind in 2021, especially if these are supposed to be used with laptops ...

Anyway. Even if not mechanical,  more options are good.

thanks for the post. there was another member looking for something similar. i'll cross post & make them aware.

nice find.

No Mac support :mad:


--- Quote from: sridhar on Thu, 02 September 2021, 03:48:50 ---No Mac support :mad:

--- End quote ---

So, no command key? I do a lot on Macs, and have yet to see a mouse or keyboard that didn't work.

correct. just about any keyboard will work on just about any computer.
if using a windows keyboard on a mac.... window key = command, alt = option, control = control
if there's a programming utility that's pc only, program it on the pc, and use on the mac...


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