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[IC] DCS Solarized Dark - Starts 11/11 - Pricing is Live (for all vendors)

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DCS Solarized Dark

As someone who was a programmer for many years the IDE theme Solarized Dark has always been a favorite of mine and I am also a big fan of the feel and sound of DCS profile, so I set out to combine these two into the keyset DCS Solarized Dark.  While I know that there have been Solarized Dark themed keysets in other profiles (GMK, XA, DSS) previously, I have felt that none of them quite captured the IDE themes spirit completely for me.

The Backstory
Solarized Dark is an IDE theme variant of Solarized both created by Ethan Schoonover originally for VIM.  It has been ported to many IDE's over the years and features a teal base with grey text and a multitude of colors for syntax highlighting.  I really wanted to create a set that when I looked down at my keyboard, made me think immediately of the IDE theme. The biggest question I had was do I use custom colors or stock colors.  Now SP has a wide range of custom colors, that can get you very far, but could it get me far enough?  After sitting down, comparing the IDE to the SP sample chips, tweaking, and compiling the options, and talking to Ethan about what he thought of the colors, tweaking some more, getting more feedback, I feel that using stock colors would give a pretty fair representation of the IDE theme, while also creating the parameters of the project as "Solarized Dark in DCS profile using the SP Stock Colors as the Color Palette"

Group Buy Date: 11/11 to 12/12

Early Bird Bonus:
At ThocKeys (and potentially some of the other vendors), we will be offering a special early bird bonus.  Anyone who buys the base kit between November 11th and November 14th will get the VIM kit for free!  I feel VIM is a very important part of the identity of Solarized (Dark) since that is where it was born, so to celebrate this, and because 11/11 is my birthday, I figured I would give a gift to everyone who supports this set early.

Confirmed vendors taking part: ThocKeys(Nov 11 - Nov 14), Hand Engineering (Nov 11 - Nov 14), Rectangles (Nov 11 - Nov 14), BaseKeys (Nov 11 - Nov 14), Rebult (Nov 11 - Nov 14), (Nov 11 - Nov 14), Keygem (Nov 11 - Nov 14) please check with your regional vendor to see if they are taking part.

Updated Interest Check as of 10/19, please fill it out Here

:Base Kit

:Whitespace (Spacebars)


:VIM Arrows

:Monocolor Mods


:Kingsize Spacebar

:Ortho + Expanded40s


SolDark Tactile Switch Manufactured by Gateron

Force Graph

Keybee Yin Yang Metal Keycap

Renders(by Pwade):
Iron 165 by Smith + Rune

Neue by Hand Engineering

W1-AT by Geon Works - Shown With 10u Space Bar and Relegendables

HBCP by Hiney - Shown with Accent Kit and Relegendables

Kitting Changes:
I have gone and made some changes to the kitting, most notably I have added some additional kits that I will detail below:
Base Kit - Changed Tab and Arrows to be left aligned.  Added a 1u colored Delete. Update - Added R3 PgUP R4 PgDn and Both 1u and 1.25u Code/#! Keys (so you can pick)
Whitespace (Spacebars) Kit - Added 2x1u, 2x3u, an additional 2u. Update - Removed 6u Spacebar due to uncommon stab placement in DCS 6u
Relegendables - Expanded this quite a bit, allows for you to fill out macro columns as well as the option to fill out the entire top row of an 1800 with relegendables.
Kingsize Spacebar NEW - 10u Alpha Colored Spacebar
Ortho+Expanded 40s NEW - Smaller kit with some additional 40s as well as ortho coverage
NorDe++ Kit NEW - Has full/partial compatibility support for multiple languages, why it isn't a perfect kit by any stretch, it was done to provide coverage for German, Swiss, Etc. As well as partial coverage for Spanish (LATAM).
Monocolor Mods NEW - This was the most economic way to do a monocolor legends kit, and I am very happy with how it came out, since I am basing this set off the IDE and not the GMK set, using teal for the legends instead of the grey didn't make sense (it also would have required 30+ additional keys would would have made it completely unaffordable).
Accent Kit NEW - This is a kit added due to demand of those who want to at least partially recreate the feel of the GMK set, even though it doesn't fit the IDE theme I can understand why people like it.
VIM Kit - Unchanged
All Stock SP Colors:
UK: HandEngineering
EU: Keygem
CA: AlphaKeys
OCE: SwitchKeys
JP: Basekeys
South America(Chile): Fancy Customs
SEA(MY): Rebult Keyboards
Feel free to contact me if you are interested in being a vendor
I wanted to say thank you first of all to Ethan Schoonover for creating the Solarized Dark theme and his feedback, time and support that he gave me on this endeavor.
Pwade, thank you for not killing me when I came to you asking you to match 11 colors for the renders and being patient with me as we tried to get them right.
Fooblitzky for the awesome DCS models that made these renders possible.
Lewis Flude for your support and enthusiasm when I shared this project as well as for the Neue model to render the set on.
The members(both current and former) of the RC discord for their support and energy while I threw various ideas at them.
James from AKB for doing absolutely nothing in regards to this project.
Thank you Capsy, you know why.
OCM, Langelandia, Urbantheiii, Jae, Quakemz, Noxygen and so many others, thanks for being positive people and for bending an ear when I want to discuss ideas or projects.
Thank you Dededecline and NoPunIn10Did for kitting assistance (especially 40s and Norde)
Many others that I am too tired to think of right now.

If you want to get in touch with me about this project, I am on discord as Aiwanei#0001 or you can email me

Regional vendors have been announced, if you would like to have a vendor in your area that isn't represented, have them get in touch with me.
Group buy date has been set, will run from November 11th thru December 12th (11/11-12/12)
Added updated kitting, new IC will be coming this weekend/early next week about the updated kitting.
Finalized Kitting, updated IC has been posted.

This is amazing! Love it, Aiwaneeeeeyyyyy

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Thanks James

Count me in, I really fell in love with DCS when I got Sleeper. Was waiting for more DCS sets to come out!

Dis naise


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