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NovelKeys Cream switch review


A fully POM switch. It disappoints. Get yourself some Gateron Yellows or MOMOKA FROG Linears instead both are cheaper.

Interesting. Nice review

Thnak you :thumb: Intersting!

Interesting stuff, you seem intelligent! I thought I'd throw my two cents in regarding lubed Creams. I have two full-size keyboards with these switches, and have personally lubed both of them with good results. It's been a while since I used stock Cream switches, but I do recall them being a bit scratchy. With a thin film of lubricant (using Taeha's method ), I have been unable to get them to bind, and they are much smoother. The downside of course is, it's a LOT of work to lubricate switches (200+ switches in my case!). Just to emphasize the point: I'm saying lubed Cream switches are awesome, and from what I recall, your review of the stock switches is spot-on. I'm not a "gamer," per se, but I'm thinking if someone was looking into these switches for high-performance gaming, they may want to consider lubricating them. Cool video!


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