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Suggestions and help with my keycap concept



The working name it has rn is either K&M (Ketchup & Mustard) or Cardi and I imagine it to be a PBT SA profile

I'm a student from the Philippines and I was inspired to create a keycap set based on the colors of my school. I'm attending a tech university and I wanted to show my pride for the school while channeling it into one of the hobbies I have been looking forward to dive into. Its my first time to design a set and I'm pretty clueless on how to use blender and other programs so I searched up a tutorial and got one from Learn with an Idiot and used his template to do the colors. I'm looking forward to changing the font if necessary and creating other modifiers sets and novelties. Any guides, tips, and feedback on how to improve is very much appreciated!

Thanks for the time and I'm looking forward to learning from all of you

Baka Bot:
Any specific reasons why there is gray?

It aint really a ketchup n mustard concept anymore but of a Cardinal Bird type. Its the color scheme and mascot of my school and id like to show pride with it!


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