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[IC] ZEUS Wireless TKL - New Badge and Deskmat Collab!

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Jupiter's Eye Deskmat collab from Jae (keyed)
Zeus TKL in ALU 6063 with a two-tone gold/green on a KEEBMAT shown
Introducing the mighty ZEUS TKL and ZEUSPAD (numpad) (All options subject to change..)Zeus TKL is an original, 1%, latest generation Pearlboards board, culminating from years of research and development, prototyping and custom board making.Accompanying the Zeus is the Zeuspad (numpad) which has the same physical profile as the TKL.The expected sale date for this board is minimum 4 months from now, and the prices are high.The best way to stay updated is through my #zeus-tkl channel Discord

LoreZeus is the sky god in ancient Greek mythology, who rules as king of the gods of Mount Olympus. As my keyboards are Greek themed, and TKL is the largest form factor I will make, AND Zeus is wireless, the name was appropriate. This TKL is packed with very cool and unique features, and will rule my lineup for years to come.

About meFlorida based mech enthusiast and bespoke PCB/Keyboard designer/maker. I've been around since 2017 and have designed quite a few mech products in the past and hosted a few GB's as well. Currently, I have 3 exciting new projects in the making (Atlas 65 BY PEARLBOARDS, Pearl 40 R2 and Zeus) which all share similar wireless and QMK capabilities, and you can check out on my website. The Pearlboards lineup is slowly growing, and I can't wait for you to be a part of the family<3

Friendly DisclaimersThis board plans to be sold in a traditional Group Buy manner which experiences year long wait times and unexpected complications. Following that statement, any and all parts may be limited and not in stock post fulfillment.For the Bluetooth PCBs running ZMK firmware, please note that ZMK is complicated and fully in-development right now. Many features are not yet fully supported.

Main TKL Features8.4 degree typing angleTop burger mounted via 8 screws with silicone O-ringsTwo PCB options (wired/wireless Bluetooth 5.0 ZMK or QMK+VIA)Internally housed audio speakerDual USB-A 2.0 passthroughs with a built in DAC + 3.5mm audio jack for your fancy IEMs to plug intoRear left mounted rotary encoderMultiple case options (WKL, WK) and multiple key layouts (ANSI, ISO, TSANGAN)Custom Pearlboards branded silicone feet which cover the 6 gold case screwsCustom carrying case and a custom shipping box

Dual USB Hub with Audio jack Shown Badge, 10U Spacebar and Cadlab CNC Kooba ESC Artisan shown RGB Winglets and Rotary Encoder shown

TKL Wireless PCB OptionsZMK Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 with RGBSolder or HotswapTriple Indicators (Battery On, Charge Status, Charge Done)5hr Battery Life on 150mah (smallest battery you can buy)

Bluetooth PCB mounted with 3.7V Lipo Battery shown Funny wireless typing test

TKL Non-Wireless QMK PCB OptionsQMK + VIA with RGBSolder or HotswapTriple Indicators (Caps, Num, Scroll Lock)Haptic Feedback via Eccentric Rotating MotorTop facing Piezo Buzzer

Pink QMK PCB with Haptic Feedback motor shown

MAIN Numpad FeaturesGasket mountedOLED ScreenTop right rotary encoderCustom Pearlboards branded silicone feet

Zeuspad with BroBots in two-tone gold/dark blue in different angles shown Bottom and OLED screen shown

Numpad PCB OptionsQMK + VIA with RGBSolder or HotswapTop facing Piezo BuzzerBluetooth PCB will be considered.
Red QMK PCB shown

Case Options (for both)Dual-tone or single-tone color optionsAnodized or e-coated aluminum 6063Dyed PolycarbonatePVD Polished Stainless Steel accents onlyPCB performance foam to suppress echoCase foam to suppress echo further

Plate Options (for both)Carbon FiberAnodized AluminumBrassStainless SteelPomFR-4PolycarbonateCopperTitanium

Exploded views Look around of the boardsPiezo Speaker and Haptic Feedback
Here's what raving critics have said about the Zeus TKL

Full Gallery

Sale Format, Colors, Date and Pricing
FCFS limited amountsPricing TBD ($$$$) and aiming for 2022Decent amount of color options. Refer to Pandoras GB for a list of colors available

VendorsMe, shipping worldwide as I have always done - Pearlboards

CollaborationsDeskmat collab with Jay (keyed) - Jae#4552

I would love for you to collaborate with me, please contact me on Discord - Koobaczech#2471

Things that will NOT changeProxy sellers/vendorsNumbered weightsMATIAS or Plate Mounted Cherry Stabilizer support

FAQ (Frequently asked questions) and infoCommonWhat does the 1% mean? Pearlboards keyboards are very limited, sold years apart and offered with unseen amounts of options and features. The 1% mentality is not at all being about the best/elite/most expensive/rarest/most popular. It's simply the truth that because of unique design, time, availability and price, not everyone will want/own one of these mechs, and the few who do are the without a doubt the 1% of demographics within this huge communityYou mentioned an Atlas65 board, but is already an Atlas65 and Atlas keyboard? The original Atlas name was changed to "ATLAS65" by request of NASP (Ortho Atlas designer). "Atlas65" was conceived both in design and in renders AND shared before the Pantheon Labs Atlas65. I am sure there will be no issues distinguishing them as I am branding it as "Atlas65 By Pearlboards"How do we purchase a ZEUSPAD numpad? It will be ran with the Zeus TKL, and you can purchase it by itselfWhich PCB is standard with a purchase? QMK solder PCB is the standard. The QMK hotswap, BT solder and BT hotswap will be extraWill I be able to choose single case colors during the GB? Yes, that is standard. Two-tone options will be reserved for Special EditionsHow long does the smallest 150mah batter last on the Zeus TKL? 5 hoursHow does the DAC and audio jack work? When you plug Zeus into a computer, it will recognize the DAC as an audio device. You can then set that as your audio outputHow does the internal audio speaker work? In your audio settings, set your DAC as your audio output. Both the speaker and the audio jack will output audio as the speaker piggy backs off the DACZMKWhat is ZMK? The firmware equivalent to QMK, used for the wireless Bluetooth PCBs - ZMKHow do you flash ZMK? Similarly to QMK, you build the firmware, double tap the physical reset button and flash with a pcHow does ZMK work? Similar to QMK, except you can pair and switch between many devices while wired or unwiredDoes ZMK work without a battery? Yes, you never have to use it wirelessly or unwired if you don't want to. Just leave the battery out or turn it offHow is the wireless performance/latency? Excellent, no issues seen on my endShould I pick a ZMK or QMK PCB? Both are amazing gifts to the keyboard world and it all depends on your lifestyleQMKWhat is Haptic Feedback? A tiny QMK configurable circular motor you solder onto the PCB that vibrates to provide rumble when typingWhat is a Piezo Speaker? A tiny QMK configurable device soldered on the PCB that produces audible beeps and can play 8-bit tunesWhat can I do with the rear Rotary Encoder? It has 3 (push, rotate clockwise and counterclockwise) programmable functions which can be mapped to any keycodesWhat can I do with the OLED Screen? It comes pre-flashed, but can also program that one with QMK or ZMK if you dive into the codeOtherWhere do I find a 10U spacebar and stabs? On my website, or you can harvest it off a vintage board

Special ThanksGrimm#8447 - Tons of support, putting me in contact with the right people, and making the 10U spacebarsCadLab CNC#3289 - Lots of support, especially refinishing Titanium platese11i0t23#7272 - Starting me off in wireless designQuark#0009 - Taking it all the way through to finish wireless designRinh#2317 - Massive help with ZMKpetejohanson#6188 - Massive help with ZMKJ么cki#5293 - Came up with the numpad conceptvheissu#0001 - Signature designMechs and Co Team - Constant supportSpikedSynapse#0871 - Packaging designKeebs#0001 - Many keebmats

ContactDiscord - Koobaczech#0001Youtube - - https://pearlboards.netReddit - - pearlboards@gmail.comJoin the Pearlboards Discord and discuss Zeus TKL in the #zeus-tkl channel! Pearlboards Discord

Signature:(Please add this to your profile to support Zeus TKL!)
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Updates9/15/21 - Revision 2 Prototypes ordered for Zeus TKL with new badge9/21/21 - Zeus IC is live (thank you for all the support)10/6/21 - Deskmat collab announced, new PCB's arrived and working, and proto sent out to KatanakajiKeys for building on stream

All hail the mighty ZEUS!

Reserved, I love that Numpad so much. GLWIC  :thumb:

Glad to see the progress on this one!


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