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[IC] NEO87 by CHERRYB WORKS | 87% Hotswap

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Hello everyone, after successfully launching products such as Sakabato, Zanbato as well as slightly tweaking the Freyr CB version. We are very proud to announce that the next product that will reach you will be named NEO87

The NEO87 is a collection of classic, basic elements with options that are popular at the moment. I guess people will like and leave comments on the IC form, we will take it and make necessary updates.

Thank you. The following information and images of NEO87 designed and manufactured by CherryB Works will be provided below.

CherryB Discord:
CherryB Instagram:

✅ IC Form:

✅ Render: (more color sample update shortly)

✅ Prototype:

More prototype pictures will be uploaded soon

✅ Structure

WKL ver.

WK ver.

✅  Layout Support

✅ Specification
TKL F13 Layout support
Gasket Mount
Leaf-spring plate
CNC Anodized Aluminum Top - Bottom - Plate
Brass Top (working on it) & Brass Counterweight
8 Degree Typing Angle
PCB support MX Switch
QMK/VIA Compatible
Hotswap PCB (Optional)
Come in WKL and WK option.
✅ NEO87 Price
Classic Edition: $265 + shipping + PayPal fee (or other payment fee)
Brass Edition: TBA
Shipping price: TBA
All pricing are tentative

✅ Base kit include
1x Top & Bottom case
1x Plate
1x Counterweight
1x PCB
1x Accessories (screws, bump on, etc.)

✅  Color Option
Anodized  Black
Anodized Red
Anodized Silver
Anodized Gold Champagne
Hard Anodized Type III Brown Coffee
Brushed Brass
*** Future possible colors: Brass Top part

2nd Prototype

NEO87 Height

Does the case support hiney h88 PCB?
Any chance to add more ano color options?

This looks nice, but I really need windows keys.


--- Quote from: blondie on Sun, 10 October 2021, 17:24:36 ---This looks nice, but I really need windows keys.

--- End quote ---
it comes in wk, look at layout support


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