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[Instock] HMX Lotus Linear Switch/A switch that comes with gifts
« on: Thu, 11 January 2024, 15:46:27 »


Hi everyone. This is Dashan from Unikeys. I know we are going on a rampage in stocking new HMX switches. I am gonna be honest here and say that not every HMX switch is going to be a perfect suit for you. The key is to understand what each switch is like and how it performs. That way you can make the right choice based on your personal preference and find the right switch for your next build. Hence I am here, posting so-called GB posts which are more like switch reviews. I want to help you learn as much as you can about each switch we have to help you identify which is the one for you. That being said, let's dive into the details of the Lotus switches.


Price: 0.35 USD per switch
Switches will come with an artisan packaging box specially designed by Udon
GIFTS: If you purchase a can of X90, you will receive the artisan packaging with one switch tester (as shown in pictures), one Lotus keycap, one set of plate mount stabilizers (6.25U X 1 + 2U X 7)

Switch Specifications

Switch type: Linear
Designer: Udon
Manufacturer: HMX
Stem material: POM
Top Housings: PA12+PA11 mix
Bottom Housing: P2 Nylon
Operating Force: 455g
Bottom-out Force:  505g
Pre-travel: 2.0mm
Total Travel: 3.50.3mm
Spring: 21mm Single-Stage KOS stainless steel extended spring
Factory Lubed: Yes! GPL105&GPL205 mix on leaf spring, stem feet, and bottom housing rails. Dry film lube on springs


HMX Lotus Switch

When you think that HMX has introduced too many blend materials to the market and maybe their ideas have dried out, they will release another switch with new material combos to prove you wrong. This is the case for the Lotus switches.


The top housing material of the Lotus switches is a PA12 and PA11 mix. If you have already received the Jammy or Blue Topaz switches, you will notice the PA12 top housing creates a subtle and rounded top-out sound. With PA11 added to it, Lotus switches' top-out would present similar characteristics; The top-out sound is on the quieter side when compared to other HMX switches, and you will not find it to be noisy. The smoothness is also guaranteed as I personally believe POM and Nylon top housing is one of the best duos out there. Of course, the surface friction of a POM stem is not as low as an LY stem, but it is still good enough to create a pleasant keystroke.

The P2 bottom housing on the other side, is a nylon blend with 20% of fiberglass added. I want to say that 20% of fiberglass can be considered as being restrained based on HMX's standard. After all, most well-known HMX switches use bottom housing materials that have more fiberglass to them. Fiberglass makes the bottom-out sound more clacky and maybe shrill to some of us. I mean P2 is still leaning toward the clacky side, but it will not be as loud as the Hyacinth V2s or the Cheese switches. A p2 bottom housing is for you if you don't like the signature HMX loud pops.

Overall, with a POM stem and nylon blend housing, the Lotus switches are still clacky switches. However, after trying HMX's new PA12 and P2 blends, I personally find them to be more rounded and quieter sounding. Especially if you compare them to the Cheese or Hyacinth V2 switches;


Besides the new blend material it has for the top housing, Lotus switches have a lot of improvements in switch design for a better overall typing feel. One thing is that HMX reduced the stem size by a tiny bit. The purpose is to increase the smoothness of the POM stem while still maintaining the tight stem-housing fit. 

Udon picked the 21mm single-stage spring for a reason. With the actuation force starting at 45g, they actually feel more responsive than a traditional 43g actuating spring. The 50g bottom-out force is for those who don't like light springs but still want a switch to daily with. Overall, the springs are snappy and responsive, and they won't make your fingers tire quickly.

The third interesting thing regarding the design is about HMX switches in general. I learned that HMX uses Dupont's lubricants for factory lubing all switches. The advantage of using Dupont's lubricants is that they are stable and reliable; The factory lube stays where it belongs in the switches, and there are rarely layering issues. It ensures the longevity of the switches.

Form of Sales
Instock at Unikeys:

Time of Sales
Janurary 20th, 2024

Vendor List

Global: Unikeys

Reviews and Videos

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Re: [Instock] HMX Lotus Linear Switch/A switch that comes with gifts
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 17 January 2024, 12:00:41 »
Lotus switches are instock now guys!