Author Topic: BROKE PCB! Anyone super smart know how to fix? (help)  (Read 252 times)

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BROKE PCB! Anyone super smart know how to fix? (help)
« on: Sat, 19 June 2021, 12:38:07 »
Just assembled my first build and as is working well but I'm not able to use the FN key. I'm not sure why exactly, but I think I limited the issue down.


It's not a faulty switch, as I made sure the pin wasn't bent and switched it out with a switch that works.
I also made sure to install the firmware with VIA. (link to my installation guide for my PCB for those curious )
I've also tried testing the key by simply making contact between the pins, which also had no result.

I would hope to think that maybe I simply am unaware that the fn key combos are not loaded in yet but I fear it may be a faulty PCB.

Anyone has any thoughts on possibly a solution or something I should test?
It's not just a matter of fn not working, but it also won't show work in the key tester on VIA but I've heard it's not meant to so I'm not sure.

Thanks for reading!
feel free to ask for more info

(this is my first post here, hope im in the right place haha)
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Re: BROKE PCB! Anyone super smart know how to fix? (help)
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 19 June 2021, 15:57:01 »
If the key is set to FN it wont send a keycode to the computer so it wont show up in a tester.  If you change the key to a letter in VIA and update the board the key should show in the tester as that letter, then you can put it back to FN and work out why your layer isn't working.  If it doesn't register when set as a letter you may have a damaged PCB (either a dead diode or a dodgy solder joint) but hopefully it's not that.
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