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Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Tactical Carry bag for TKL keyboards
« Last post by captsis on Sat, 17 March 2018, 15:15:25 »
I saw "tactical", and was lowkey expecting something like this..

Show Image

Funny story I am legitimately considering buying a pelican case that can hold my boards. Not because I need it. But because it's cool as ****
Due to quantity issue, we have to make a new deal.
We're discussing with manufacturer about higher price w/ lower quantity.
If the cost won't make us losing money, we'll make as much options as possible.

Are you going to email people who chose a color that didn't make MOQ and ask if they have a different color choice that did or a refund?
Ahh :(

Exclusive, are we able to do PVD silver for brass for the non founder units?

I asked and he said that PVD brass is only for founders.

On the insert front have you seen what the dude doing the Nexus slider GB is doing? Maybe you can work something out with him.
How is the shipping coming on these sets? Do we have an estimate as to when all orders will have been sent and tracking will be available?
geekhack Media / Re: Post your phone's home screen
« Last post by davkol on Sat, 17 March 2018, 15:01:49 »
We are almost at 6520 sliders and 4655 housings, With just about a week left!!! Just remember you have until 3/26 at midnight central time to place your order.
Off Topic / Re: Any one DIY Sauerkraut
« Last post by fohat.digs on Sat, 17 March 2018, 14:54:25 »
I think the general answer is "yes" but it's because the beneficial bacteria are able to simply out-compete their rivals in the salty, acidic underwater environment.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] OG Coil Cables
« Last post by Signature on Sat, 17 March 2018, 14:49:44 »
Will USB c be offered?
Yes, itīs in the OP
Input Devices / Re: G9x is finally giving out, trouble picking a replacement.
« Last post by FrostyToast on Sat, 17 March 2018, 14:48:21 »
The rival series was pretty good when I tried it in store.
Though, for my purposes I got the 603 due to needing wireless.
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