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Where to find connectors
« on: Fri, 29 September 2023, 12:31:32 »
Has anyone found a good resource (outside digikey/mouser) to find matching USB/Mini-Din 4p connectors. I am trying to find a matching pair of Platinum White USB type B male and a 4 pin Mini-Din cable for an AEK project I am working on. I want to keep the ABD ports on the PC but want to use USB for the PC end.

I am specifically looking for new production parts and not chopping up old cables/premade cables.

[]Example of the USB in the color I am looking for.[/url]

I do see a reality in where I have to chop up a vintage ADB cable and solder on this USB cable, but I was hoping to have the ability to make and length, style (coil, etc) I want with a matching pair.
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