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Not hungry

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But want to eat stuffs anyway,  what's this called, is there a word/concept for this ?

Why donít we just call it restless mandible syndrome. It affects about 300 million people in the US.

very serious indeed kurplop, we are at the forefront of affixing lexicon to this tasteful debility.

Bizarre how everyone I meet always seems to constantly want to cram their face full of stuff :p .

Wayyyy overnoodled just now, ultra stuffed.  Slipped when putting the linguini into the pot,  half a box went in ~200g dry.

Can't pull it out, because they'd stick together, and never boil properly the second time.

Comes out with sauce + grilled veggie (eggplant, brocolli, tofu, mushroom) pretty huge bowl.

Can't even sit down now.


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